KET 2400

Grapes-Blackcurrant 100% pure juice


Color: Intense red, particularly dark

Nose: The juice reveals a nice perfum of blackcurrant and biscuit from the mix between the sugar of the grapes and the acidity of the blackcurrant

Palate: The association of the 2 fruits is particularly well balanced on sugar and taste. We find easily the taste of both grape and blackcurrant.


Variety: Assembly of 2 pure juices: grapes and blackcurrant.

Production: Home made. Blackcurrant from the farm "Cassis de Dollon" (72 - France). Bottled with pasteurization.


Culinary associations: Can be drunk at any time, with anyone !

Service: To be served around 10°C. The fresher it is, the stronger is the blackcurrant.

Conservation: Still good during 2 years before being open, a few days in the freezer after being open.


Price (delivery not included): 4,20€/bt (75cL).

Sold by 1 or by boxes of 6 bottles.


Alcohol free, no added sugar, dye free, conservative free

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