Chiyoko Tada et Thierry Nogue: the bottle as a subject

An exhibition with tridimensionnal works form two scrumptious artists.

April and May 2015

The Domaine des Croix-sur-Sevre Maisdon invites you to discover a surprising exhibition on the theme of the bottle, with two artists who created three-dimensional paintings. Chiyoko Tada, Japanese artist, graduate of Tokyo Koguei Highschool (art / crafts), continued his studies in Spain at the Massana School (art / design) of Barcelona and the Joaquín Torrents Lladó school (drawing / painting) of Palma. In her work, she uses different techniques including that of stacked paper, referring to an ancient Japanese tradition. Thierry Nogue graduated from the School of Fine-Arts of Mannheim (Germany). Her artistic travels led him to exhibit in France and Germany. His work focuses on the subject highlighted on supports in the rough aspect, combining painting and collage, and combining materials of various origins.

Chiyoko Tada 01a 3 

 Thierry Nogue 01d  Thierry Nogue 02a